Tampa & Surrounding Area Limo Service Checklist

Picking the perfect limousine service can be a daunting task. There are so many services and vehicles to choose from, how will you know what’s right for you? Well… you need to start by doing some research. Below are some ways on how to choose the best luxury car service for your particular needs.

1. Get References and read reviews

Find as many reviews on the service as you can online. The easiest way to know about if a company is reputable is to hear it from previous clients. Reviews will give you a relatively non-biased look into each service, and what you would like to see in each organization.

2. How long has the company been operating

Experience in any business is vital! There are extreme amounts of nuances in being able to coordinate a memorable ride. The number one way to make sure that everything goes according to plan is to hire a company with a vast amount of experience within the transportation industry. If you come across a newer company that seems to qualify, make sure the staff has previous experience. After all everyone has to start somewhere.

3. Fleet

There are a many choices when it comes to vehicle selection. There are stretch limousines, party & shuttle buses, trolleys, stretch SUVs…the list goes on. Believe it or not the average fleet size for a limousine service is only five or six cars. Any smaller and you will be dealing with less choice and availability.

4. Review in person

If you need service for a big event, like a prom, wedding or funeral, take the time to pre-screen the vehicle you will be renting. Nothing is more dissappointing than getting courted in a rusty old limousine or a worse for wear party bus. Online pictures can give you a sense of what your getting but remember, most things you see online are not what they are in person.

5. Pricing

Price of any good or service is always an important factor. Limousine companies tend to have hidden fees that they will add on to your base rate without any notice. Out of the blue your bill will display fuel surcharges, admin costs, toll fees and most often than not a gratuity for your chauffeur. Next thing you know, your bill is 30-40 percent higher than what you were originally quoted. Make sure to ask for an all-inclusive estimate if possible.

6. Referrals

I find good word of mouth to be an appealing deciding factor when I look for a service I am unfamiliar with. Ask people close to you if  they might have used a certain company and if they were pleased with the service provided. A good referral could be a great way to select a limousine service or a any service for that matter.

7. Safety

One of the most important factors (especially with driving services) is safety. Do your due dilligence and check to make sure the company’s safety certifications are all valid and up to date. Make sure they have liability insurance? Make sure their drivers professionally trained? Make sure their vehicles inspected and approved for public service? If you follow all of these tips above you should have no problem finding a reputable limousine service that you will remember and trust.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Tampa and any surrounding areas you decide to visit!

Thank you,

Tampa Limo Transportation